A Dude Ranch Adventure Vacation is Perfect for Teenagers

Teen Activities: Ages 13-17

It Is Their Cup of Tea - They Just Haven't Discovered That Yet

Teens are notoriously difficult to please. The last thing they want to do is go on family friendly vacations, worse still on an outdoor adventure vacation. Skeptical might not be an appropriate description of the reaction of your announcement that this year everyone’s going on a dude ranch vacation. Sound familiar? 

Don’t pay any attention to the sulking, it will all be quickly forgotten once they arrive at Colorado Trails Ranch, and see just how cool this adventure vacation stuff really is. The only reason teens are against these kinds of family vacation ideas, is simply because they don’t know what it’s really all about. Just wait until they feel the freedom of loping across the valley on a horse or white water rafting. Disney hasn’t got anything like it. 

Your now smiling teenager will be enjoying many activities and fun adventures with kids their own age on your Colorado Trails Ranch vacation.


There will be time spent with younger siblings too.

They’ll have space from their siblings, but also spend time with them. You’ll all enjoy each other more and become much closer from the freedoms and interactions you will experience in our dude ranch community. They won’t miss TV or their texting. Your teenaged kid will forge new friendships that can last a lifetime, and be the one with the biggest tears the day you leave the ranch to return home.

Freedom To Fly Without Leaving the Ground.

Teens need action, independence and some freedom to explore this experience with their peers. The experienced dude ranch staff is adept at keeping these youngsters happy and smiling. 

They may arrive as the most jaded, skeptical guest, but they’ll be the first one out the door in the morning - ready to take the day by the horns. Your teen will be super involved with new friends and discovering so many new things.

  • Horseback riding lessons, trail rides and the guest rodeo games.
  • White water rafting and hiking.
  • Swimming and power tubing.
  • Archery and riflery.
  • Fishing
  • Sports like volleyball and basketball.
  • Western dancing
  • Hayrides, campfires and cookouts.
  • Overnight wilderness camping.
  • Farewell awards ceremonies and festivities.


A sneak peak of your dude ranch vacation experience! Actual video footage shot at Colorado Trails. See why our guest ranch offers the perfect all-inclusive vacation for family and friends.

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