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Ages 5-8


Exciting Days for Our Youngest Ranch Guests

You really don’t need to hunt further for fun family vacations that make travel with kids highly enjoyable. At Colorado Trails Ranch, our dude ranch activities are organized just as much for allowing you to have a blast, as they are about keeping your children safe, happy and entertained. When you come to stay with us, you will have plenty of time to play, relax, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Our youngest kids’ program, the Buckaroos, is well planned and executed for children ages 5-8. Lots of folks bring much younger kids to Colorado Trails Ranch, but schedule babysitter time to take part in adult adventures. We do have babysitters available when you need them at an additional hourly rate.

The safe adventures and fun activities lined up for our Buckaroo guests are all enjoyed under the watchful eye and energetic guidance of experienced dude ranch staff. You have the freedom to join in their activities, or to spend a portion of the day with other adult guests having your own vacation fun. Don’t worry about leaving them, they’ll be so busy making friends and exploring this new world they won’t realize you are gone. (Try that at home!)

At Colorado Trails, the dude ranch staff completely understands that kids need to stay busy. They’ll be surrounded by kids their own age, and experiencing everything from horseback riding to arts and crafts with their counselors and new friends.

Siblings will also have the chance to spend time with one another, as the youth groups do come together at some point in the day. Parents with several kids who come for our fun family vacations, discover that Colorado dude ranches like ours, is the secret to getting closer to each other and as a family too. This makes for a successful vacation for the whole family!

Your young Buckaroos will be exploring a new world.


This keeps kids busy, teaches them new skills, and ensures they are not only safe, but having just as much fun as their parents. Our Buckaroo guests’ days are filled with:

  • Go on a picnic lunch horseback ride

  • Adventure out on a half-day rafting trip

  • Discover the great outdoors on nature hikes.

  • Scavenger hunts.

  • Hayrides, cookouts, and campfires.

  • Swimming

  • Fishing

  • Trail riding and horseback games in the riding arena.

  • Archery and riflery.

  • A trip to the petting zoo.

  • Arts and crafts.

  • Games of horseshoes, volleyball, and basketball.

  • Western dancing

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