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When was the last time you took your family or friends on an adventure that they talked about for months? Did everyone keep asking, “When can we do that again?!?”

White water rafting on the Animas River in Durango, Colorado is just that type of adventure: It’s a thrilling experience that you’ll never forget!

Available June 4 through September 30, pending water levels.

Let us book a rafting adventure for your group through our partner, Colorado Outback Adventures.

The Lower Animas River has it all!

Breathtaking scenery, heart-pumping adventure, and safe fun for the whole family. Whether you ride with a group in a raft or float solo in an inflatable kayak, you will get to experience Durango like never before. From the minute you arrive, you will be swept up in the excitement of rafting on the river. Your certified guide will begin the trip with safety and paddling instructions. Then, you’ll be on your way!

While maneuvering your raft down the beautiful Animas River, your guide will regale you with historical tales of the Wild West, provide interpretation about the area’s natural resources, and give suggestions for Durango’s best attractions. When you get to the white water, you will have a blast laughing, yelling, and splashing your way through Smelter, Sawmill, Santa Rita, and Ponderosa Rapids.

All trips include the main rapid sections, but vary on total and on water trip length. The different trip lengths allow you to choose whichever amount of time fits into your schedule. The trip lengths are approximate as river levels fluctuate throughout the season. River access locations are adjusted we use as the water levels fluctuate to maximize your on water time.

By the end of your white water river trip, you won’t want to leave.


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